Oral Argument In Google Appeal Set For April 11, 2011

 Perfect 10’s important appeal against Google will be heard by three appeals court judges on April 11, 2011. This extraordinarily important appeal will substantially impact most copyright holders, including movie and recording studios, and computer software manufacturers. If the District Court’s rulings are upheld, the results will be absolutely cataclysmic! The panel has a whole slew of critical decisions to make, including:

1. Can Internet businesses, including Google, endlessly commercially exploit copyrighted works without paying the rights holder?

2. Can Internet businesses, including Google, republish Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) notices on the Internet, thus re-establishing links to the same material they were supposed to remove?

3. What constitutes a compliant DMCA notice? Perfect 10 has sent to Google more than 1,700 DMCA notices since 2001, all of which Google has claimed are deficient, even those that clearly satisfy Google’s DMCA instructions.

4. Can Internet businesses, including Google, disregard all DMCA notices regarding infringing paysites, even those indentifying infringements on Google’s AdWords affiliates from whom Google receives payments to promote?

5. Can Google continue to provide over 200 million links to known infringing websites, with no requirement to respond to notices regarding such infringers?

6. At what point does an Internet Business which makes hundreds of millions of dollars from the unauthorized commercial exploitation of copyrighted works, lose any right to a DMCA safe harbor?

Feb 21, 2011

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