Now that Leilani Dowding is a deservedly big star on VH1 (Tough Love, Miami)

its time for the truth, and nothing but the truth, about Leilani.  First, she has a wonderful clothing line.  Check out   While they call her “Miss Superficial” on the show, and may even accuse her of being a gold digger, what’s wrong with gold?  But in reality, when we were in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2004, doing a model boxing event, a group of Brits spotted her and started chanting, “Too Cute, Too Cute.”  Because that’s what Leilani is.  The most respectful and lovely lady imaginable.  There isn’t a mean bone in her body.  Any man she has trashed deserved it - - and then some.  And Leilani looks twice as good in person as in photos.  Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure.    Photos 1 and 2 were taken at the old Perfect 10 mansion.  Ashley Degenford is in the background in photo 2.  Leilani and Ashley are about to board a cruise boat in San Francisco in photo 3.  In photo 4, from left to right are Michelle Lin, Naureen Zaim, Leilani, and Wendy Augustine, all Perfect 10 models and model boxers.  In photo five those same models have met their match – Joan Rivers!

Oct 16, 2011

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