Google has bamboozled Congress, the President, and the general public, by arguing, in essence, that stopping Internet piracy will cost jobs. It is the most ludicrous argument ever. Why is Google so against ending theft? Because Google receives a great deal of traffic and revenue, by helping users find all sorts of stolen and otherwise illegal materials. Among the critical industries that Internet criminals aided by Google, have destroyed, or are in the process of destroying, include:

1) Movie companies

2) Recording companies

3) Newspapers

4) Software Manufacturers

5) Pharmaceutical Companies

6) Most other legitimate businesses


As an example of Google’s promotion of Internet criminals, Google provides 27,000,000 direct links to the website a Google advertising affiliate.’s primary business is to helps users find obviously stolen copyrighted materials such as movies and songs. Google provides 27,000,000 links to, in spite of numerous DMCA notices it has received regarding the infringing activity on that website. In contrast, Google provides 8,000 links to McDonalds. Need I say more?

Finally, Google’s continued representations to Congress and the American public, that it responsibly processes DMCA notices, are a massive lie. If Google actually took down all infringing links to known infringing websites, why is Google continuing to provide millions of links to websites such as Google has opposed the antipiracy bills because they would ask Google to REMOVE ALL LINKS TO PIRATE WEBSITES. Google’s current practice is to remove a few links out of thousands, thus doing nothing to end the ongoing destruction of this country’s intellectual property.

Jan 21, 2012

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