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Website Support

Q: I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?
A: For forgotten passwords please go to and click on "Password Questions".

Q: I have questions regarding my Website Membership, who do I contact?
A: For forgotten passwords, cancellations, or billing related questions please contact

Q: I subscribed to PERFECT 10, but my password doesn't let me into the member's section of the site. What is happening?
A: If you are receiving a message about your account being blocked please fill in the support form below. Alternatively, you may have subscribed to the print magazine rather than the online membership. The print subscription does not include an online membership, or your subscription may have expired. You are able to renew your subscription by choosing to purchase another subscription on our website.

Q: What are the features of the PERFECT 10 Website Membership?
A: All segments of the members sections are available to members, which is currently has thousands of images. We also update our site weekly with new photos. Take a Tour to find out or join for a 3-Day Trial.

Q: I want to subscribe to the PERFECT 10 Website but I don't understand how the subscription process works.
A: You may sign up for our 3 day trial period for $2.95. This trial will automatically convert to a $25.50 monthly recurring membership until cancelled. We have other packages available which are three months for $59.50, and six months for $99.50.

Magazine Support

Q: I ordered back issues of PERFECT 10 magazine and have questions about my order, who do I contact?
A: Questions about back issues are handled by Merchandise Support. Click here to be taken to the Merchandise Support page.

Q: Is the Premiere Issue still available? How can I get a copy?
A: We're sorry, the Premier issue is no longer available. All other available issues can be ordered through the Back Issue Order Page. To order via phone, call (888)771-9453. Please have a credit card ready.

Merchandise Support

Q: I have questions about my PERFECT 10 Merchandise purchase, who do I contact?
A: For questions about back issues of PERFECT 10 magazine or other merchandise orders please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Q: How will my PERFECT 10 merchandise arrive packaged?
A: PERFECT 10 products are shipped in plain white envelopes, with "P-10" and a return address written in the top left corner.

Q: What types of PERFECT 10 merchandise is available?
A: We have back issues PERFECT 10 Magazine, videos, and DVDs. We also have PERFECT 10 logo clothing, including hats and T-shirts.

Miscellaneous Support

Q: I am interested in modeling for PERFECT 10, or I have a model that I would like to refer to you, how do I go about submitting photos?
A: Send us 4 color photos, bikini or topless, to P.O. Box 3398, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 or e-mail to We need four shots:

1.Straight on, full length from the front.
2.Straight on, full length from the back.
3.Straight on, full length from the side.
4.A close-up of the model's face.

Please do not angle the model in any way, we really need to see what the model's body looks like.

Q: What if I have had a breast reduction or other cosmetic surgery? Can I still be in PERFECT 10 Magazine?
A: If you have had a breast reduction, you can still be in PERFECT 10. As for other cosmetic surgery, if it is obvious that you have had your lips done etc., we would probably not shoot you. We tend to go for the natural look.

Q: Do you purchase film from photographers?
A: Yes, we will need to see a sample of it. We only buy great film of natural models, usually 25 or younger. E-mail a sample to, or send a small sample to: Box 3398, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. If you are a photographer who wants to shoot for us, your best chance is if you refer a model to us. Send samples of your work or photos of the model to: Box 3398, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, or email it to the above address.

Q: Who do I contact for special events or public relations?
A: You can contact Melanie Poblete at for all PR inquiries.

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